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Other Marine Related Businesses

Expert Guidance in Operational, Marketing, Financial and

Organizational Development and Growth

Marine Business Advisors is the leader in providing expertise in managing, consulting and assisting marine related businesses including boatyards, marina’s, and other marine industry related businesses. Whether they are long-term or short-term assignments and projects, countless companies around the world have benefited from working with Marine Business Advisors over the years. If you are looking for knowledgeable and professional experience to help guide and assist you with all facets of operational, marketing, financial and organizational development and growth, then Marine Business Advisors a wise choice for your company.

Experienced and knowledgeable marine industry business consultants are quite rare. But with Marine Business Advisors,you get someone who has “walked the walk”. Led by President Jim Bronstien, you are backed by a 30 year industry expert who has owned, operated and led some of the most well know businesses in the industry. Highly regarded, well-known and highly respected by all that have ever worked with or for him, Bronstien and Marine Business Advisors is your perfect choice. Working in concert with Jim on marina projects is Kevin Quirk. Kevin also has an equal reputation as highly regarded marina business expert with over 20 years overseeing the finest marinas in South Florida in an executive operational role. Both Jim and Kevin have “been there and done that”.

Whether you have a new marine business development, a redevelopment, or just need a fresh look at your business to adapt to changing times, you will benefit from the expertise of Marine Business Advisors. Extensive experience, knowledge, passion and commitment unmatched in the industry.

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