September 10, 2016

With 3 months still to go in 2016, Saunders Yachtworks is on track to break all sales records. Since opening the brand new Gulf shores yard in 2012, demand for the yard services continues to rise. All expectations have been exceeded and sales are 20% ahead of predictions. Staff levels are over 75 and customer satisfaction levels are in excess 90%.

Riding this wave has triggered the need for a strategic planning session. The management team gathered for a weekend retreat to discuss, plan, and prepare the company for the next 5 years. “There are not many companies in our industry that would take the time and attention to develop a comprehensive strategic plan”, says Board Chairman Jim Bronstien. “Our mission at Saunders is operate a professional and focused business and we feel that strategic planning is one tool to insure we stay focused on what it is important as we move ahead though the next 5 years.

A new logo, a new tag line “Committed to the Craft”, a new dry storage yard, and several other initiatives have also been introduced to the company in 2016 as Saunders Yachtworks remains dedicated to being the finest marine business in the northern Gulf.